Monaco Yacht Show 2023 Exhibitions


Our Fifth Year at the Monaco Yacht Show: The Event of the Year for Lovers of Luxury and Entertainment

We were delighted to return to the prestigious Monaco Yacht Show, one of the most anticipated events in the yachting and luxury industry. This year, we are highlighting our commitment to premium entertainment by providing a unique experience for all yacht captains and crew.

Customized Luxury Foosball Table: An Unexpected Luxury

We are pleased to exhibit, once again, our luxury custom-made foosball tables at the Monaco Yacht Show 2023. These playful works of art embody refinement and elegance, while providing an entertaining way to spend time time with the crew or guests on board your yacht. Each foosball table is designed with meticulous attention to detail, the highest quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship.

Entertainment at your fingertips

The crews had the opportunity to discover these luxury table footballs. Our boilermakers were there to walk you through the unique features of each model and to discuss the customization options available to meet specific preferences.

We understand that life on board a luxury yacht can be demanding, which is why we provide you with these luxury table footballs so that you can enjoy moments of relaxation and friendly competition with your crew or your guests. It’s an unexpected way to strengthen bonds and create treasured memories during your luxury travels.

Commitment to Excellence

At Equinox Exclusive, our commitment to excellence is at the heart of everything we do. This is reflected not only in the exceptional quality of our products, but also in our drive to create memorable experiences for our customers. We are proud to support the yachting industry by providing luxury entertainment that meets the unique needs of our customers.

The winners of the 2023 table football tournament

The yacht crews participated with enthusiasm (96 participants) and we are delighted to present to you the lucky winners.
They win our “Les Déformés” desk tidies available on the EMPREINTES market place
Well done !

1st price : Olivier Sutton Scott Tucker Yacht Drumbeat

2nd price : Nisantha Khumara yacht Arcadia 96

3rd price : Janus Swart yacht Were Dreams