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Art Metal work
for Luxury
and Decoration

Born from the desire to bring exceptional pieces to life
that you watch living at home like works of art.
Unique creations that you won’t see anywhere else.

Since 1990, the exception is our engine and passion is our fuel.

Equinox Exclusive is the specialist in stainless steel design, our companions make high-end custom-made pieces for layout, decoration or furniture.
Following the wishes of decorators, interior designers, interior architects and designers, we conceive and realize your most ambitious and luxurious stainless steel projects.

Located in the heart of the Pays de la Loire region, We are eager to preserve and promote our excellent craftsmanship.
As defenders of “Made in France”, we have been awarded the label “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” (Living Heritage Company), which represents the French manufacturing heritage, and we are a member of Ateliers d’Art de France which defends and develops the art professions in France.

The details are perfection,
and perfection is not a detail

Leonard da Vinci

The luxury of exceptional furniture

Design inox collection

Our collections are born of innovation which has always been a core value of our company.
Our desire to achieve perfection and our attention to detail empowers us to undertake evermore ambitious projects.

All Our creation which are also customizable come with
a certicate of authenticity

Stainless steel Art Decoration

Art Metal work for Luxury
and Decoration

We craft all your stainless steel based projects : our strength is to design with you,
from your needs and ideas , any stainless steel projects you can imagine.
Fussball table with the colours of your favorite team, or your logo for your events.
We can work in collaboration with designers ans artists.

Eric BERTHES designer, François MORELLET painter, engraver and sculptor
and Giovanni CAROSI painter and sculptor have trusted us to make the stainless steel pieces which are part of some of their works of art.
Together we have developed works of art by bringing them all our technicity and know-how.

Simply because we love what’s the most beautiful.

X Cience

Collaboration with the designer ERIC BERTHES for the stainless steel parts

Stainless steel layout
“Haute Façon”

Stainless stell « Haute Façon » for designers ,
interior architects and Layout

We embody the French manufacturing heritage and expertise to offer you up market services and creations
An expert service dedicated to architects and designers so they can effectively realise their interior design and arrangement projects.

Made-to-measure pieces not only for private residences in France and abroad,
but also for hotels like the Plaza Athénée, restaurant Le Jules Verne Paris Tour Eiffel,
Le Carré Cointreau Angers ,  or luxury boutiques in Paris.

Villa M

La « Villa M » à Paris Groupe pasteur Mutualité


Press review


Luxury Hotels

  • Royal Monceau Paris
  • Plaza Athénée Paris
  • Mandarin Oriental Paris

Luxury Projects

  • Hôtels particuliers et résidences particulières
    en Europe, Russie et Caraïbes


  • Énigma XK
  • Octopus


  • John Galliano Paris
  • Yves Saint Laurent Paris
  • Longchamp Paris
  • Ladurée Paris
  • Nespresso Paris
  • Printemps Paris Haussmann

Bars et Restaurants

  • Le Jules Verne Paris Tour Eiffel
  • Le Carré Cointreau Angers




Your projects are all completely unique, send us your most imaginative (or crazy!)
Request and we will offer you a bespoke service that meets your requirements.

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